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Announcing Xware Tracker for FileMaker Pro 7.

FileMaker Pro 7 is much more powerful than before. But it's also, from a developer's pespective, a brand new program which works very differently from previous versions. So much so that the current version of our solutions are not compatible with it, even once converted to the new '.fp7' format.

To take advantage of the new version, we must rewrite our databases from the bottom up, which is both an exciting and a time-consuming endeavor.

The result of those efforts will be Xware Tracker, a completely new solution.

This document lists some of the main changes planned for the program. There are many new features and many improvements. If, after reading our plan, you still have , please send them to us and we'll see if we can fit them in. This solution is meant to be useful to you, its users, and we need your feedback to make it so.

Xware Tracker is a collection of FileMaker Pro 7 ('.fp7') databases that will help you manage all your computer-related assets, both hardware and software.

For each product you own, hardware or software, you will be able to track all the related purchases as well as all the individual units that compose them, along with their technical specifications, where they're located, on which computers, to be used by whom. You'll be able to keep track of who sold them to you, who makes them, who supports them. And much more.

Xware Tracker will come with a runtime version of the FileMaker Pro 7 application for users who don't own a full copy of the program. Note that FileMaker Pro 7 requires Mac OS X or better.

Xware Tracker is shareware. Shareware is "try-before-you-buy" software: download the program and evaluate it. Then, if you want to keep on using it beyond the 30-day trial period, honor the shareware system and pay the registration fee. Otherwise, just remove the program from your hard disk.

There will be three single user registration options for Xware Tracker: standard, pro and developer, as well as a site license option. Registered users of Software & Hardware Tracker and DXoft Get Info will be able to upgrade to the new version for a reduced fee, since Xware Tracker will replace both older solutions. Pricing for the new version has not been set yet.

Short answer: everything.

Xware Tracker is a brand new program. It's being rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of the new features in FileMaker Pro 7, which will take some time. But in the end, the program will be much better for it: more efficient, much easier to use and more powerful than ever..

Here are some of the main changes in the work for Xware Tracker:

A New Name:

First, the obvious: a new name, Xware Tracker, much shorter than Software & Hardware Tracker, and a new web site to go with it. Lazy typists that we are, we really like that new name. We hope you do too.

Software 4 Humans' EventScript:

But the most important change to the program is behind the hood: Xware Tracker makes extensive use of the EventScript plug-in, created by Gaston Forgues. Scripts are now triggered automatically when entering or exiting fields as well as when performing any action controlled by calculations. You'll never have to press a button again unless you want to. For the first time, the program will work as it was always intended to: transparently. In fact, if it weren't for EventScript, we probably wouldn't have bothered creating Xware Tracker for FileMaker Pro 7: it's that good.

A New Face:

The interface is going through a complete redesign to give it a Mac OS X 'look-n-feel'. Here is a glimpse at the solution's (preliminary) new face:


And, of course, the databases themselves are much improved.

A New Model:

Xware Tracker will apply the 'separation model', with data files on the one side and UI and logics files on the other. No need to export and import you data when a new version is released: just replace the old engine with the new one and you're done. Your data is left untouched.

It means Xware Tracker will be far easier to maintain and to expand using additional databases plugged into the core ones.

A New Design:

The databases will be fully documented, from fields to scripts, so that users of the developer version can easily make it their own.

The program's design is also being refined.

For instance, computers are now tracked as products and there is only one product database, dealing with all your assets. You create a record for a computer model, for which you can track several purchases, containing as many units as needed, each units having its own techspecs and its own set of installed programs, network configurations, user accounts etc.

Workstations are now properly work places where computers are located, so that you can track several computers associated with one workstation. And in turn workstations are associated with locations that belong to companies.

New Databases:

A new contact database tracks individual developers, distributors, sellers, donators etc. or simply users within you organization. It's related to databases which manage all the account information for those contacts: computer accounts, e-mail accounts, login accounts and remote login accounts.

A new service database logs all the maintenance operations performed on a piece of equipement or all the bugs you wish to keep track of in a program.

Some of those new features are only of interest to professional users and their use will be restricted to the pro and developer versions of the program. But the core features and improvements will benefit all users of Xware Tracker.

Please send us your and encouragements: with your help, we can make Xware Tracker an even better program.

Thanks again for your support.


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